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Kevin P. Foley, CPA, CPCU
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All the information you've entered has been sent on
to me via email... I'll review it and send it on to
my underwriters for a quote... And you can expect an
email from me confirming receipt.

So what happens now?

Well if you don't have coverage now, I'll work
quickly to get a policy in place.  It'll take about
two weeks, but if you really (and I mean  REALLY)
need it faster, let me know and I might (and I
stress, MIGHT) be able to get it done in about 2 days.

If you have coverage now, I'd expect to see quotes
about 30 days ahead of your renewal date.  
Underwriters like to quote business in renewal date
order.  So the policies that renew in the next week
get a higher priority than what renews in the next
month.  But again, if you need it by a certain date,
let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.

You should know I don't wait for all the quotes to
come in before I send them on to you.  As I get them,
you get them.  And my quotes? They're not fancy, four
color, slick brochures... I use the fax and email to
deliver the bottom line: a summary of the coverage
and what costs.  That's it.

You can expect to hear from me about every week to
ten days... Just to update you and more importantly,
let you know I'm working on your quotes.

So that brings me to my Contact Information:

PFT&K Insurance Brokers
PO Box 6855
Freehold, NJ 08850
Phone: 732-253-0589
Fax:   413-683-2553

Phone calls are forwarded to my cell phone when I'm
not in the office, so call anytime, even weekends are
OK.  If I'm asleep or driving, I don't answer the

Faxes are handled by so they come right into
my laptop... Nobody else see them but me and I don't
have to be in the office to get them.  Fax ANYTIME.

Nobody screens my email... So when you write to me,
it comes to me.
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"I wanted to thank you for the
tremendous effort you
extended in providing us with
legal malpractice coverage at
a reasonable price.  Your
effort saved us close to 33%
on this year's premium"

Joseph M. Ghabour, Esq.
Jersey City, NJ
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One last thing... If there's something you want to share with me about you
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space to tell me... here's your chance.... Fill in the space and hit send.  The
information will come to me and you'll come right back to this page.

Another thing...This web site was "born" August 1st, 2007... I'm looking for
any advice  I can get on how to improve it.  If you've got a thought... Tell me
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